An insult

This letter is about the audacity, the ultimate insult, of the actions of the
Birmingham Water Works Board when they go so far to sue to prohibit representation
by the new board members from Blount and Shelby Counties.

As a Blount County property owner, I have a vested interest in this matter, and
I pay a premium price for water that comes from the Birmingham water system.

To add insult to injury, for decades Birmingham has been pumping millions
of gallons of water for FREE from Inland Lake in Blount County for industrial
purposes. Then in recent years, a treatment plant was installed in Pinson and
another water main was added from Inland Lake so “good ‘ol Birmingham”
could run a water line back up to Blount County and charge us an exorbitant
price for what they were getting from us for free. Since we were running short of
water, we bought it.

The Alabama legislature finally thought it might be nice if Blount County
could have a minor voice by adding one more member to the water works board
along with a member from Shelby County.

Birmingham will still have seven out of nine members … and they have the
gall to sue to get rid of the two from Blount and Shelby? Give me a break!!!

Brice Marsh, Birmingham