Ambassadors host again



Renewing their long-standing partnership with the Blount County-Oneonta Chamber of Commerce and the chamber luncheon, Blount County Ambassadors – two chapters of them, no less – hosted last week’s special luncheon at World Outreach Center for all six members of Blount County’s legislative delegation. Hosting were the Hayden High School Ambassadors and the Cleveland Elementary School Ambassadors.

Ambassadors are members of the county’s leadership program for secondary school students. It provides a way for them to develop and practice leadership, as well as personal and civic skills through community service. Their job as hosts is as simple – and as difficult – as smiling and saying something pleasant to those entering the building to attend the luncheon. Doesn’t sound too hard, but like a lot of things, it takes practice and honing the skill of being comfortable with self and others to do it well. And it translates marvelously to challenges in later life.

Ron Gholson