All ages staying healthy at The Gym

Lynn Pass, owner of The Gym, encourages people of all age groups to join.

Lynn Pass, owner of The Gym, encourages people of all age groups to join.

The Gym in Oneonta is continuing to offer and add workout opportunities for people of all ages. Classes range from The Silver Sneakers program for seniors to Mommy and Me swimming lessons for ages six months to two years. Owner Lynn Pass says creating a family environment is important and involving kids and teaching them how to be healthy may help the problem of childhood obesity that has been escalating in recent years.

“If you change their mindset when their young maybe that will carry over to when their adults,” Pass said.

Children’s classes offered or will soon be offered by The Gym include beginner tumbling, hip-hop dance, clogging, aerobics, and all levels of swimming. After the age of 12, they can participate in the adult workout area with a parent and at age 14 they can begin using the equipment alone. For students, The Gym is now offering back-to-school specials.

However, The Gym is fully stocked with equipment for adults as well. Each week 40 – 50 classes are offered and all 14 of The Gym’s instructors have a national aerobics certification. A full weight room is available as well as a selecterized, or plate-loaded, equipment section. The Gym has treadmills, ellipticals, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, arc trainers, steppers and an arm egrometer machine for those who want a cardio workout but have arthritis or pulmonary problems.

Keeping with the family environment, The Gym offers a six months to 12-year-old playroom with a babysitter for a mom or dad who needs to get their workout in. Several different memberships are available to accommodate families, and discounts are available for full-time students, seniors, military, police, and firefighter.

“We offer family, couple, individual, and co-worker memberships,” Pass said.

The Gym will be celebrating it’s 10-year anniversary on Feb. 6, and Pass says they are currently planning for the occasion and says she plans for it to be a blowout. The facilities’ employees are also looking to the future and want to start different classes and incorporate clubs, such as running, biking, or swimming.

An e-newsletter is sent out to all members, but Pass says anyone interested in receiving it via e-mail can message her at For more information, call 625-5060.