Alcohol questions

I have been reading the coverage regarding Oneonta alcohol sales. I am a disabled veteran that served in Operation Desert Shield, Storm and Operation Restore Hope (Somalia). I along with many other veterans and current soldiers have fought for every citizen’s constitutional right to vote. There are several items I read in the articles and editorials that bother me though.

Item #1, Former District 34 Representative Elwyn Thomas taking it upon himself to opt Blount County out of HB175 without asking the citizens of Blount County our wishes. Mr. Thomas assumed that the defeat of Alcohol sales was the will of the people. He had no right to do that.

Item #2, Larry Gipson, minister of Oneonta First Baptist Church and his group threatening District 34 Representative David Standridge and our citizens with a door to door campaign and anti-alcohol rallies against alcohol. Mr. Gipson has a right to his opinion, but I don’t appreciate being threatened. Representative Standridge don’t give into threats opt Blount county into HB175 as Elwyn Thomas should have done.

Brian Orr

Sgt. US Army Disabled Veteran