Alcohol license committee recommends three

Oneonta’s seven-member alcohol license review committee voted to recommend licensing for three establishments in their April 11 meeting. Public safety director-administrator Brandon Horton recommended license for the applicants – Twin Oaks at Heritage, Pounders, and Toke.

Pounders and Toke will offer wine and beer as part of their regular restaurant businesses. Twin Oaks, which has held a license, had its status altered once Oneonta citizens voted to legalize sales in the city.

Heritage’s Twin Oaks won the right to sell alcohol under special legislation passed by the Alabama Legislature authorizing such for subdivisions of certain sizes which had golf courses as part of the development. As Horton and member Ed Lowe explained, when Heritage’s new owner applied for her own license, the Alabama Beverage Control Board advised her of the changed status.

The club has decided its simplest course of action is to apply for a yearly special events license, which will permit golfers to continue to consume beverages on the course. The club will no longer be allowed to sell alcohol on Sundays, which would require its own special legislation to permit that for the city.

The committee’s recommendation moves next to the city council for final approval. The city has scheduled a public hearing for Tuesday, April 25, at 5:15 p.m. in its council chambers for comments on the recommended licenses.

Member Lisa Wester missed the April 11 meeting held in Horton’s office. All attending members (Mayor Ross Norris, chiefs Arthur Willis and Charles Clifton, Phillip Elgin, Sherry Hicks, and Lowe) voted for the recommendations.