‘Alabama’s Paleobiodiversity ’ presentation set for Tuesday



Oneonta High School science teacher Ashley Allen will discuss the state’s paleobiodiversity during a two-hour presentation on Tuesday. Scheduled for 1 p.m. until 3 p.m., at the Blount County Memorial Museum, the presentation will focus on fossils and specimens in Alabama. The event will be a show-and-tell and will offer an interactive nature while also utilizing a slideshow. ‘In the past years, I presented information about Alabama fossils, which will be similar to this one, but it’s a little different as I have new images and specimens to be viewed,’ Allen said. ‘There will be an emphasis on what we learn from fossils and about environmental change over time. In Alabama, we have some of the richest natural history in the country with some fossils dating back to the Cambrian period, 520 million years ago.’ Nicole Singleton