Alabama Splash Adventure annual Coasterthon this Friday



Alabama Splash Adventure Water and Amusement Park (ASA) in Bessemer will be hosting their second-annual “Coasterthon” on Friday, June 10, from 3 a.m. until 9 a.m. to benefit Children’s Hospital of Alabama. Anyone who registers and can raise $100 will be permitted to ride ‘The Rampage’ all night. The park will be open for normal operation at 10:30 a.m., giving park inspectors time to check the rides before opening to the public.

American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE), a non-profit organization of over 5000 people that travel the world riding roller coasters and raising money for charity, inspired Coasterthon. “ACE approached us because they’ve held events at Holiday World, our other park in Santa Claus, Indiana. They are very generous to charities. They will raise $100 per participating member and donate it to Children’s of Alabama,” says owner Pat Koch, ‘”The General.”

In the two years Koch Family Parks has owned ASA, they have made several changes. Many rides were sold during old management, and some – like “The Rampage” – were left abandoned. The Koch family brought “The Rampage” back to life with a complete restoration, along with two new rides: “The DropZone” and the traditional “Teacups.” The park also offers seven free “Pepsi Oasis” drink stations for guests. “We hope that people know we are a family, we are always at the park, and we want to provide a clean, safe, family-friendly environment,” says Koch.

Alabama Splash Adventure is equipped to host groups for reunions, but does not yet host birthday parties. They hope to be able to begin that next year. For more information, visit