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Alabama 4-H serves as the premiere youth development program in the state. Available in every county, 4-H engages young people through hands-on activities to develop career and college preparatory skills. 4-H creates the context and content for positive youth development, subscribing to a set of essential elements characteristic of high-quality youth development.

Assistant director Dr. Molly Gregg ensures that more than 70 staff members have the tools, resources, and training to provide youth in Alabama with valuable experiences and opportunities. Through these experiences, they are able to explore their interests and discover opportunities to pursue.

“Alabama 4-H is for everybody, with fabulous staff and volunteers,” Gregg said. “It’s a place to belong.”

Dr. Joy Scott oversees all leadership and citizenship programs. She also directs the 4-H Contest, National Leadership trips, and State 4-H ambassadors. Scott’s favorite aspect of 4-H is the diverse opportunities available for youth.

“We have programs from animal science to cooking, public speaking to STEM,” Scott said. “Alabama 4-H is where every young person can find a special project or event they will enjoy.”

4-H 4 Life

The 4-H staff is dedicated to upholding the following values for youth who participate in 4-H programming:

• Develop youth’s potential and lead in their communities.

• Gain access and engage in programs and opportunities.

• Engage youth in high quality, diverse, and relevant learning opportunities.

• Surround youth with competent, prepared staff and volunteers.

• The Alabama 4-H system develops the capacity to effectively impact the lives of youth throughout the state.

Participation in an Alabama 4-H event gives young people the opportunity to carry the experiences, values, and relationships with them into their professional life. To learn more about the Alabama 4-H program, call the Blount County Extension Office at 205-274-2129 or visit the 4-H tab on the Alabama Extension website,

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Upcoming Extension programs

• If you are interested in becoming a Blount County Master Gardener, contact the Extension Office.

• Fermentation Workshop: Tomorrow, July 22, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., there will be a virtual workshop. Cost is $10. To register visit

• Cotton Byproducts and Supplemental Feeding for the Cow Herd: The two-hour program begins at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 31. Contact the Extension Office for more details.

For information on many other upcoming programs, please like our Facebook pages “Blount County-Alabama Extension” and “Blount County 4-H.”