ADPH issues scam alert



Late last week, the Alabama Department of Public Health issued the warning of a possible scam surrounding ADPH employees coming to a person’s home to administer COVID-19 vaccinations. According to the alert, ADHP has received reports of persons identifying themselves as public health nurses that will come to your home to administer the vaccine.

ADPH wants everyone to know that they are NOT administering COVID-19 vaccinations in a person’s home, and if you receive an unsolicited call, an email, or visits from anyone claiming to be from the ADPH, do not provide any personal information or allow them into your home.

The alert also suggests that anyone who encounters these unwelcome attempts to gain access into your home or to your personal information – such as Social Security numbers, birthdates, or bank information – to notify local law enforcement authorities.

As of Tuesday morning, there have been no reports filed with the Oneonta Police Department or Blount County Sheriff’s Office, but the possibility of such attempts remains. Do not become the next victim. Scam artists are savvy and love to target unsuspecting people.