Addendum to update on business projects



Last week, The Blount Countian assumed readers would recognize the locations of prospective new businesses described with just the barest indications of their locations – like saying McCurry’s Corner for one of Wayne Bennett’s renovation projects. Some readers couldn’t recognize the locations described, and asked for more detail. The first four are downtown. Here goes.

The McCurry’s renovation project. It’s located at the intersection of First Avenue (the main street downtown) and First Street South. Stated differently, it’s on the corner in the 100 block of First Avenue. It used to be McCurry’s Furniture Store and it was that for enough years that it gave its name to that corner. Now, only the shell – the walls – of the building remain. It’s probably going to be a restaurant if Wayne Bennett can put all the pieces together.

Old Piggly Wiggly location. It’s adjacent to the McCurry project. It’s being renovated and some might assume it’s part of the McCurry’s project, but it was/is a separate store location. It’s also in the 100 block of First Avenue, situated one storefront (the Mccurry’s renovation project ) away from the corner.

Old ALACO building. This was the onetime location of Alaco Pharmacy. It’s also located in the 100 block of First Avenue – on the opposite side of the street, and diagonally across the street – some might say catty-cornered – from the McCurry’s project and Old PIggly Wiggly buildings. It’s also been reduced to a shell building with basically the walls left standing. It’s right next door to what used to be Garner Hotel, if that helps.

Pounders. This former jewelry store is being carefully renovated as a seafood restaurant. Within recent memory, it was long-time home of Golden Rings Jewelry. It’s in the 200 block of First Avenue, across the street from Regions Bank. It’s also near McCurry’s corner – situated as the third door away from that corner. It’s adjacent to what used to be Prickett’s Men’s Store. That help?

Zaxby’s. This one’s not downtown. It’s about a mile out (north) from downtown on Ala 75 – like you’re going toward Snead. It’s that pretty, park-like, roughly 2-acre lot fronting Ala 75 on your left as you’re going out of town. You can see the brick, low-slung Family Services Mall one block off the highway behind it. Directly across the road on your right is the Blount Realty Team office. It’s not under construction yet, but if they’re going to be serving late this summer, they’re going to have to break ground soon. Keep an eye out for a “Coming Soon” sign in the near future.