Absolutely Alabama Christmas



Weather anchor and “Absolutely Alabama” host Fred Hunter brought the Channel 6 crew to Palisades Park last week to videotape segments for the program’s Christmas special. The program will air on WBRC Channel 6 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Christmas Day. The program is a composite of “Absolutely Alabama” segments connected by 30-second cutaways to scenes inside Palisades Park’s lavishly-decorated buildings and grounds. In this segment, Hunter visits with Santa’s elves at the D.S. Loyd building where Blount County Quilters Guild creations are displayed throughout the decorated room. Complimented on the program’s format and asked whose idea it was, Hunter put on his best “Aw, shucks” expression, replying, “Wal, I guess that would have been mine.” The highly photogenic elves from the left are Dawn Kelsoe and her daughter Tammy Barns, along with Tammy’s son Jackson, who will soon be 3. – Ron Gholson