Absentee voting

things and dates to remember



Blount County Circuit Clerk Cindy Massey will serve as absentee election manager for Blount County. Absentee voting applications are available at her office in Room 208 in the courthouse or may be obtained by calling her office at 625-4153. Applications may also be obtained online at www.alabamavotes.com or www.fvap.gov.

Absentee ballots may also be obtained in the Circuit Clerk’s Office in Room 208 at the courthouse, but they will not be available until Jan. 6. (Ballots may be sent to voters by return mail following application.) The application must be filled out and returned to the office in person by the voter or it must be received in the office, if mailed, with a postmark date of no later than Feb. 25.

Here are some important dates you may need to know.

• Jan. 6, (2016) – first day to vote absentee

• Feb. 12 – last day to register to vote for the March 1 primary

Feb. 25 last day to make application to vote absentee

• Feb. 29 – last day to hand deliver ballot (in person) to the Circuit Clerk’s Office, or it must be postmarked by this date if mailed

• March 1 – primary election day; last day for military personnel and U.S. citizens overseas to postmark absentee ballot

• April 11 – last day to postmark or hand-deliver absentee ballot for runoff election

April 12 – primary runoff election day

Questions may be directed to Cindy Massey in Room 208 at the courthouse, or by phone at 625-4153.