Absentee voting info for August special Senate election

Absentee voting for the Aug. 15, 2017, U. S. Senate special primary election began June 22 and continues until Aug. 14, with Aug. 10 the last day for voters to apply for an absentee ballot for that election. Any qualified elector may vote an absentee ballot by mail or in person at the absentee election manager’s office at the courthouse by applying in writing by Aug. 10. Requirements to qualify for absentee voting:

• Voter will be out of county on election day.

• Illness or infirmity prevents voter from voting at poll.

• Voter works a shift in which at least 10 hours coincides with the hours the polls are open.

• Voter is a student at an educational institution located outside the county of his/her residence that prevents attendance at the polls.

• Voter is a member of U. S. armed forces, or a spouse or dependent of a member of the armed forces, or is qualified to vote pursuant to the Federal Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act.

• Voter has been appointed as an election officer or named as a poll watcher at a polling place other than their own.

IMPORTANT – crossover voting prohibited in primary elections

In primary elections, you must by law select a party on your absentee ballot application. If you fail to do so, your application can’t be processed. Also, if you intend to vote absentee in the runoff election as well, mark the box showing your intention on your application for an absentee ballot for the primary election.

Applications for absentee voting and voter information are available on the website of the Alabama Secretary of State at www.sos.state.al.us; or at

Absentee Election Office
Blount County Courthouse
220 Second Ave. East
Oneonta, AL 35121

Completed absentee applications must include the Alabama residence where the voter is registered. If you have moved and have not updated your voter registration, contact the Blount County Board of Registrars at 220 Second Ave. East, Oneonta, AL 35121 and update your address before applying for an absentee ballot. You may contact that office at (205) 625-6868 ext. 3123, 3124, or 3125.

The absentee election manager is required to post each day a list of absentee voters, including names, addresses, and voting places of each applicant. The list is posted daily outside room 208 at the courthouse. 2017 absentee voting chronology

June 22 – Absentee voting begins for the Aug. 15 U. S. Senate special primary electtion

Aug. 10 – Last day to apply for an absentee ballot for the Aug. 15 primary election.

Aug. 14 – Last day that voters can return absentee ballot in person. No one else can return the ballot for you. Also, last day a ballot may be postmarked, except for military and overseas citizens, for whom the deadline is Aug. 15.

Aug. 15 – Primary election

Sept. 21 – Last day to apply for absentee ballot for runoff

Sept. 26 – Primary runoff election

Dec. 7 – Last day to apply for absentee ballot for general election

Dec. 12 – General election