A well kept secret

Money talks. The Blount County Master Gardeners who make up the bulk of the workforce at the Blount County Fair want to let everyone in on a little secret. It pays to participate in the Blount County Fair. In fact, area residents who participated in this year’s Blount County Fair pocketed a share of seventeen thousand, seven hundred and sixty dollars ($17,760) in total prize money.

Yes, folks, you receive prize money in addition to ribbons when you win individual exhibits, the booth competition, and livestock shows. There is also a nightly cash drawing awarded to lucky Fair ticket holders.

Many people are unaware of how much money is returned to the locals through prize money and cash giveaways during the week of the Fair. But now the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. As far as the individual exhibits go, it’s really quite simple. Loan us your art, canning, produce, handiwork, baked goods, crafts, Christmas decorations, and plants for us to show off to your friends and neighbors for a week, we will return them possibly with ribbons and, most importantly, with cash. And since cash is a four letter word that is universally understood, there are categories for all ages.

This year’s livestock shows were made up of a dog show, lamb show, beef cattle show, halter horse show, and chicken show and auction. All of which we plan on hosting again next year. The tentative dates of the 60th Annual Blount County Fair are September 10-14, 2013. So start planning now to share in some of the winnings for next year and help us make the 60th Anniversary Fair even bigger and better.

Keith Hamby

Executive Director

Blount County-Oneonta

Agri-Business Center