A magic moment



Friends and family of Tyler Sterling (pictured at right) gathered recently at Jack’s Family Restaurant in Blountsville to celebrate a hard-earned high school diploma. Halfway through Sterling’s junior year at J.B. Pennington, he became seriously ill. After this, his entire way of life shifted dramatically. No longer able to attend high school, he began homeschooling with Broad Church Academy.

“Homeschool had easy and hard parts to it. It was easier to work at my own pace one-on-one with the work, but more difficult not to have a teacher there to help in person.” Nevertheless, his commitment to education paid off. Now, he is a high school graduate and is contemplating further education.

Sterling mentioned numerous ways in which his grandmother helped him during his illness. “My grandmother helped me a lot by taking me to the doctor and staying in the hospital with me every night.” His grandmother later referred him to the Magic Moments organization. When asked if he had expected his Magic Moment, Tyler replied, “I was completely surprised. Even when I saw the sign that said ‘Happy Graduation Tyler,’ I didn’t comprehend that it was for me. When I walked in and everyone was cheering and clapping, I was happy.”

Sterling was gifted a trip to Pigeon Forge at the end of June. He is looking forward to the trip and is thankful to his community for supporting him. “Thank you for all of the support and prayers.”

Magic Moments is the only wish granting organization dedicated to children diagnosed with chronic life-threatening illnesses, ages 4 to 18, in the state of Alabama. Children can be referred to have a chance at their own magic moment on the Magic Moments website (www.magicmoments.org) or by calling 205-638-9372.