A call to action

Blount County is about to be changed from the home we know unless we act quickly and directly.

The Canadian based MCoal corporation is seeking a permit from the Alabama surface mine commission to ravage and rape our county, making 3000+ acres a coal mine. This foreign corporation has no interest in our state, county, towns, area citizens, or our serenity. The majority of land owners who have sold their mineral rights live outside Blount County as well.

There are no good reasons to allow this permit be issued. There are however many, many reasons to stop the issuance of this permit. They include health, safety, water quality, destruction of forest, both air and noise pollution, dumping of coal waste-water and toxins, decrease of property values, damage to county roads, and the negative change in the quality of life. These are just a few!

I pray and urge each concerned citizen to get involved. Allowing Blount County to become a “coal mine” will affect us all. Write down your specific concerns and objections and voice them at the Mining Commission hearing which will soon be announced.

For any questions you may have you may contact “A Concerned Citizen about the Rosa Mine” at 625-6206.
Stephanie and Harvey Palmer