9.7 percent: The uncertain economy hits home

In July of this year, the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations released its Unemployment Data
The results showed that the rate of unemployment for Blount County jumped to 9.7 percent. In times of economic depression, few are spared the hardship that comes along with it. Though difficult for individuals and families, tremendous damage is done to local businesses.

Specifically, the food service industry has taken a beating. Basic economics, and common sense, tells us that when the economy suffers, people spend less money. Last week’s article by Ron Gholson clearly articulated the issue. One of the very first luxuries cut from the family budget is eating at restaurants. In a rural county like ours, this is the case. Many local restaurants are struggling to survive, while others make the necessary cuts to labor. Just in the past month, I have heard of veteran employees losing their jobs, which is not uncommon in this economic atmosphere.

Whether you want to believe it or not, the economy affects everyone.

Jeremy Smith