2013 District road paving schedules announced



The lists below show roads submitted for paving this year by county commissioners for the four Blount County road districts. While schedules are reasonably stable, specific roads could change according to circumstances not presently known. A road not scheduled could be added, or a scheduled road could be delayed or removed from the schedule, if another road is determined for some reason to be in worse condition. As always, weather and other conditions determine when roads can be worked.

Lists do not include roads to be paved using ATRIP funds. They will be scheduled separately, probably in 2014 and after.

Paving-related work normally begins in mid-spring with the late spring and summer months being prime time for paving, up until the weather begins to cool in October. No paving is done in the cooler and cold months from mid- October until March or April.

Often, roads are prepared for repaving by “reclaiming” or “reprocessing” which involves breaking up the old, deteriorated pavement and plowing the underlying base layer in order to create uniform surface upon which to lay down the new pavement.

Such roads may vary greatly in the length of time that passes before they can Extensively patched roads like this or roads with cracked and broken pavement may need to be ‘reclaimed or ‘reprocessed’ before they can be repaved. be repaved, since they must be allowed to settle and stabilize after reclaiming. The amount and number of occasions of rainfall and the time of year determine how long that process takes, and may in some cases require several months.

District 1 Roads
To be paved* Cost
Pine Crest Dr. $84,568
Fat Dunn Rd. 83,625
Jim Thomas Rd. 69,645
Cardinal Hill 4,120
Fat Adams Rd. 9,424
Memory Ln. 14,175
Armstrong Loop 41,370
Total $306,928
District 2 roads
To be paved* Cost
Holland Rd. $29,438
Hanson Rd. 22,248
Quail Run Rd. 16,740
Bud Mountain Rd. 22,332
Mill Rd. 6,009
Posey Rd. 8,878
Total $105,645
To be reprocessed
Ashley Rd. Nesmith Rd.
Shady Grove Rd. Pit Rd.
Isom Rd. Mt. Carmel Rd.
Phillips Rd. Ruel Snead Rd.

Hershel Jones Rd. Miller Lane
Brown Rd. Privett Drive
George Yates Rd. Roswell Creek Rd.
District 3 Roads
To be paved* Cost
Harp Rd. $7,889
Woodard Dr. 6,903
Sims Rd. 6,163
Hutchens Dr. 24,655
Reneau Rd. 30,819
Sullivan Ln. 6,656
Cliff Springs Rd. 78,349
Airport Rd. 30,134
Total $191,573
District 4 Roads
To be paved* Cost
Reid Rd. $38,099
Deer Run 10,984
PeggyAnn Ln. 8,009
Vaughn Rd. 33,594
Country View Rd. 13,905
Kiowa Ln. 6,374
Melvin Ln. 7,786
Smith Rd. 13,515
Powell Rd. 12,013
Loggins Rd. 6,031
LeHigh Rd. 155,430
Total $305,746

*subject to weather and other unpredictable conditions