’09 budget offers mixed bag; defeated candidate decries ‘rumors’

Town of Snead

The Snead Town Council Oct. 27 approved its 2009 budget, reflecting some increases but an overall decrease from its 2008 counterpart. The budget lists projected town revenues of $2,395,011 (down from the proposed $2.7 million in 2008) and expenditures of $2,164,637 (against almost $2.28 million the prior year). Councilmen voted to reduce general fund, sewer, park and recreation, and capital project funds, while increasing special revenue and water funds.

Defeated mayoral candidate Jane Childers opened the meeting with the public comment portion. Childers admitted she had mistakenly returned absentee ballots to the town hall. She said she learned she had acted improperly in so doing and that those ballots were not counted. She refuted reported claims that she had opened any of those ballots.

She also contended that some fire personnel had remained at the polling place all day, seeking to affect the election with conversation intended to sway voters. She warned that she did not intend to remain silent any longer if her integrity were again questioned. She threatened to pursue legal action against any spreading lies about her and urged people to think carefully about what they were doing.

Police chief Chuck McBrayer reported a plea agreement with a car thief caught in the town. The man agreed to a threeyear sentence, with McBrayer stipulating that the man must serve the full term. He reported a second incident for which he will seek the same arrangement. McBrayer emphasized he wants wouldbe criminals to know that if they commit crimes in Snead, they will serve time.

Councilmen approved purchase of a $13,097 pump for the town’s county road 34 water service. Water superintendent Jeff Whited reported work on another pump and motor for around $1900.

Members agreed to allow Girl Scouts to use the old junior high school lunchroom for their meetings without charge. In another youth-related matter, councilmen approved replacing a light pole and switch at one of the town ballparks.

At the last regular meeting of the outgoing council, members took the opportunity to evaluate their service and to express appreciation for being entrusted with that privilege. Whited and McBrayer offered their own appreciation to the departing council.

The new mayor and council assumed office at a 7 p.m. swearing-in session Monday. Tim Kent succeeds Curtis Painter as mayor. James Campbell and Phillip McHan remain on the council. Newly elected ones are Jack Freeman, Trudy Campbell, and Charles Sanders. Outgoing councilmen are Dale Snead, Ronnie Mack Kent, and Curtis Simoneaux.

The council meets the second and fourth Mondays of the month at 7 p.m