Triple Whammy



The Blount County-Oneonta Chamber of Commerce luncheon was a triple-barreled blast last week– if you count the repast served by SwampTails as barrel number one and a highlight of the program. Most did, as evidenced by the record-setting attendance and serving line.

Angelique Dotson, hovering like a guardian spirit above her work (at right), stands in for the 127 students in grades K-12 who served as barrel number two – participants in the Blount County Visual Arts Exhibition. Thirtynine of them were medalists for their artistic productions. (Medalist Angelique is a 10th-grader at Hayden High School. “Equality” is the title of her arresting and topical work. Yes, it refers to just what you think it does.) All medalists – along with best of show in each age group and best of show overall (Meagan Newton, Hayden High) – were recognized. Group winners: K-2 – Sam Acton, Hayden Primary; 3-6 – Sarah Hutchinson, Hayden Middle; 7-9 – Ray Autumn, Hayden High; 10-12 – Josie Jones, Southeastern; and Kaitlyn Sweatman, Cleveland High).

Barrel three was a presentation to end all presentations on highlights, implications, ramifications, and complications of the new tax law as it applies to both individual and business tax liability in the upcoming 2019 tax season. Perhaps a good summary, and one of the most lucid points made by Carr, Riggs, & Ingram presenters Matt Taylor and Nick Lyle, was the following statement, roughly paraphrased here from the original: “The tax code was said to be simplified with tax reductions for most everyone. It has not been simplified, but most taxpayers may realize some tax savings overall.”

Good news on the savings. Good to be forewarned on the non-simplification.