THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW… Primary runoff next Tuesday, July 15

Runoff elections resulting from the June 3 Republican primary are scheduled next Tuesday, July 15. Three runoff elections will be of particular interest to Blount Countians: District 3 Blount County Commission; state Senate District 17; and U.S. House District 6. Below are the candidates, their vote totals, and their percentages of the vote from the June 3 primary.

Blount County Commission, District 3
Dean Calvert 1,685 49.97%
Pat Hyde 964 28.59%
State Senate District 17
Shay Shelnutt 7,475 34%
Brett King 6,566 30%
U.S. Congress District 6
Paul DeMarco 30,842 33%
Gary Palmer 18,627 20%

Commission District 3 affects only Blount County residents living in the southeastern quarter of the county – consisting of the Straight Mountain area, Allgood/Oneonta, and the Murphree Valley area to the Etowah County line.

State Senate District 17 includes about 60 percent of the county, lying south of the Commission District 2 boundary, except near its western end where the Senate 17 boundary deflects northward to include a fraction of the Blountsville precinct.

U.S. House District 6 includes about 90 percent of the county, excluding portions of its northernmost precincts: Summit (all), Brooksville, Snead, Rock Creek, and Susan Moore.

Statewide runoffs
Three other statewide runoffs will appear on all ballots.
Secretary of State
John Merrill 143,567 40%
Reese McKinney 139,334 38%
State Auditor
Jim Zeigler 163,572 47%
Dale Peterson 84,568 24%
Public Service Commission, Place 2
“Chip” Beeker Jr. 133,285 39%
Terry Dunn 111,079 33%