Sign ordinance changes

Oneonta City Council

In its regular June 25 meeting, the Oneonta City Council adopted public safety director Brandon Horton’s proposed amendments in regard to the city sign ordinance.

The amended sign ordinance requires that only pole or pylon signs are allowed to have electronic messages displayed. No exterior wall signs are permitted to have electronic message displays (EMD). The maximum area allowed for any EMD is 45 square feet of the total installed sign area. Each electronic message must be displayed for a minimum of eight seconds. EMDs are required to have automatic dimming control to reduce light levels at night or in cloudy conditions. There is a required Installation Affidavit that must be signed by the property owner, sign installer, and business owner/operator. EMDs are limited to the U.S. 231 and Ala 75 traffic corridors. Finally, only one EMD is allowed for each parcel.

In other business, the council authorized a resolution to dedicate a parcel of industrial park property for public safety training.

The council also authorized city manager/ economic developer Ed Lowe to enter into an engineering agreement with Goodyn, Mills & Cawood for preliminary design on an outdoor amphitheater.

Councilor Richard Phillips missed the June 25 meeting. All others (Ross Norris, Hal Blackwood, Nathaniel Butler, Tonya Rogers, and Danny Robinson) were in attendance. The council’s next meeting is Tuesday, July 9, at 5:30 p.m.