Results are a mixed bag

Readers Survey

There were many readers who took the time to return our Reader Survey and for that we thank you.

Unfortunately, the readers did not form anything close to a consensus on any of the categories. There were, however, some very good responses and we will be using them to make our paper (your paper) even better.

Some readers asked for more diversity in our coverage. More stories about the good things happening in our community and in our schools. Point taken – and we are working toward that now.

There was an almost even split in reader opinion on religion. Some readers thought there was too much focus on religion in our paper, while others believe that there should be more religious content and coverage each week.

The same could be said for sports, although we had one reader that asked for a newspaper with no sports coverage at all. Of course, this same reader only wanted meetings covered and no obituaries – an opinion not shared by others.

Two readers asked that we bring back the printing of recipes. We have had this in the paper from time to time and had already planned on reintroducing the recipes later this year.

We are also looking into ways to offer more from an entertainment standpoint – word finds, crossword puzzles, etc.

The vast majority of the comments that we received were well thought-out and offered good, constructive advice.

A special thanks to those of you that took the time to offer an opinion. We are listening and will try to do better.