Produce report

Zephyr squash (a yellow/zucchini hybrid) is available at Allman Farm and Orchard.

Zephyr squash (a yellow/zucchini hybrid) is available at Allman Farm and Orchard.

Allman Farm and Orchard*
6866 County Highway 29,
Texas sweet onions; Zephyr and
zucchini squash; flat Kentucky green
beans (similar to Kentucky Wonder);
green cabbage; peaches; bell (including
purple), jalapeño, and Aruba peppers;
Obsession corn; Japanese eggplant;
cantaloupes; cucumbers; grape tomatoes; Mountain Majesty tomatoes

Baswell Farms
2174 County Highway 12,
Squash; pickling cucumbers; bell, jalapeño, banana, and poblano peppers

Barb’s Berries
8475 County Highway 27,
Blueberries (u-pick)

Blount County Farmers Market*
500 New Street, Oneonta
Okra; new potatoes; green and ripe
tomatoes; cabbage; cucumbers; blueberries; Louisiana purple pole beans;
squash; peaches; nectarines; blackberries; peaches-and-cream corn; gypsy
hybrid sweet and bell peppers; watermelons; cantaloupes

Copeland Farms
205 Cliff Springs Road, Oneonta
Malibu stringless/pole beans; bell,
jalapeño, and hot peppers; yellow
crookneck squash; pickling cucumbers;
cantaloupes; grape tomatoes

Faulkner Produce
3614 County Highway 1, Oneonta
Green and ripe plums; peaches; cantaloupes; seeded and seedless watermelons, including sugar babies; zucchini
and yellow crookneck squash; Malibu
green beans; pink eye purple hull peas;
jalapeño, sweet and hot banana, and
cow horn peppers; okra; local honey

Hazelrig Orchard
64235 U.S. Highway 231,
Yellow crookneck squash; zucchini;
cucumbers; ripe and green tomatoes;
okra; sweet banana, bell, jalapeño,
and cow horn peppers; Red Haven and
Bounty peaches; red-meated plums;
local honey; cantaloupes

McCray’s Old Field Farm
3142 State Highway 132, Oneonta
Yellow crookneck squash; Rattlesnake
and Blue Lake green beans; new batches of mint and pine needle salve for
headaches; salve and large bars of goat
milk soap for poison oak; lavender goat
milk soap

Snead Produce
801 Second Avenue East, Oneonta
and Intersection of Ala 75 and
U.S. 278, Snead
Yellow crookneck and zucchini squash;
cucumbers; Blue Heirloom and snap
beans; cabbage; blueberries; Harvester
peaches; bell, banana, and jalapeño
peppers; Blount County tomatoes
(Cherokee Purple and Florida)

Whited Farm Produce
321 First Avenue East, Oneonta
Squash; zucchini; cucumbers; jalapeño,
banana, and bell peppers; new potatoes; green tomatoes; Rattlesnake green
beans; corn

*Accepts Farmers Market Nutrition Program certificates