Like father, like son

Eli and Titus Wright -Amy Rhudy - Blount County Memorial Museum

Eli and Titus Wright -Amy Rhudy – Blount County Memorial Museum

Seven-year-old Titus Wright has a great interest in dinosaurs. The Oneonta second-grader developed his interest in dinosaurs from his father, who also collected them as a child.

Wright said, “I like dinosaurs and I like learning about them. My dad collected dinosaurs when he was little, and he already had a lot of them that he gave me. My little brother (Eli) and I also like to play with the dinosaurs.”

Having more than 30 in his collection, Wright wanted to share his interest in dinosaurs with others.

One way he has been able to accomplish this task is through an exhibit at the Blount County Memorial Museum.

The exhibit, which has been on display since November, includes some dinosaurs that Wright obtained from the British Museum of Natural History.

When asked what he wanted others to know about dinosaurs, Wright said, “There are many dinosaurs in different shapes and sizes.

“Some were herbivores and some were carnivores. The herbivores were plant eaters and the carnivores were meat eaters. Dinosaurs were the largest creatures to ever live on the earth.”

The exhibit will remain on display at the museum for two more weeks. The museum is open Tuesday through Thursday from8 a.m. until 5 p.m.