Kretzschmar retires on cloud nine



Cleveland Elementary counselor, Paula Kretzschmar retired in high-flying style after her fellow teachers ordered a hot air balloon for her retirement party. Kretzschmar, who has been in education for 39 years, had mentioned doing this after she retired and the thought stuck with one of her co-workers.

“Ms. Paula told me years ago that when she retired she wanted to leave in a hot air balloon,” said Cleveland Elementary teacher Denise Lybrand. “I made sure to make a mental note of this, and when it became time for her to leave us I headed up a committee of fellow teachers to make it happen.”

Accompanying Kretzschmar was her mother, Madge, whose words of advice to Kretzschmar was not to wait until age 82 to do something like this.

“Ms. Paula has been a blessing to Cleveland School, and we all agreed that she deserved something special,” Lybrand said.