Jim Murphree

Jim Murphree

Jim Murphree

Age: 51

Born/resides in: Born and resides in Oneonta

Family details: Two children: Hannah 19, and Andrew, 17 Education

Graduated from Oneonta High school in 1981; attended The University of Alabama 1981-85. Graduated Professional Insurance Agents School at Drake University 1988. Work background

Owner, Jim Murphree Insurance Agency; worked at family insurance agency 29 years, sole owner since 1993.

Memberships, leadership positions, etc.
•Blount County-Oneonta Chamber of
Commerce – 29-year member and twotime former chairman
•Oneonta Rotary Club – 25-year member and three-time past president
•Alabama Independent Insurance
Agents Association – current president
•Blount County Agri-Business Center
– former board of directors member

Why are you running for office?
“Because I want to help and serve people. I am truly passionate about the principles of the Constitution, like our personal freedoms and the free enterprise
system that make our country great. I
will fight to defend them. My convictions
and my principles are the driving force
behind my motivation to serve.”

State your qualifications for office.
•Experienced serving in Legislature;
served as District 34 Representative,
•Passed major welfare reform, saving
the state millions of dollars.
•Instrumental in passing ethics and
tort reform legislation.

•Business owner with perspective on
what it takes to make payroll, pay taxes,
and create jobs.

State your platform priorities
•Pass legislation to create jobs and
stimulate economic development.
•Provide flexibility in spending to local
school boards.
•Work to repeal Obamacare.

If there was one issue you would want associated with your candidacy above all others, what would it be?

(It would be) “to create jobs and stimulate economic development. I have legislative experience and have demonstrated the ability to pass effective laws helping people and saving the state millions of dollars. Our district needs jobs and creative initiative. I am the one that can get it done.” Candidate’s statement to voters

“I will passionately defend and work hard to preserve the Constitution and the rule of law. I want to help and serve people. I understand the process and have the experience and proven achievement to make an immediate impact in the Senate. As your Senator I will daily seek God’s guidance and wisdom to carry out my responsibilities. I would be highly honored to serve you. I truly love the people. I ask for your prayers, support, and vote.”