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The Southern Democrat, February 14, 1980

Attack brings changes
by Brenda N. Carr

A heart attack “just changes your life around completely,” Charles Stockdale says.

Stockdale had his first heart attack in 1969, and after the second one in 1977 he was scheduled for open-heart surgery at University Hospital. During this surgery that took place March 21, 1978, he had three arterio-bypasses correcting blockages of 100, 90, and 80 percent.

“I feel good most of the time,” he says, but adds, “I cannot do strenuous work.” After the second heart attack, he had to retire from his job with the post office, and he can work only part time now in a dry cleaning job.

Stockdale remembers that after the first day of his surgery he was up and walking. “They require you to get up and walk.” And he adds that now, “I usually walk from work and take the long way home.”

Because of his experience with heart attacks, Stockdale feels his children – Clifford, Vicki, Carrie, and William Charles – are more aware of the importance of exercise.

As for eating well, his wife Lorine prepares a regular diet now, he says. For a while after surgery, however, he had to remain on a rather strict diet.

The heart fund has a special place in Charles Stockdale’s life because research funded from the annual February drive helped to give him more years of life.

During this month the public is asked to remember that heart disease is the nation’s number one killer and that, according to American Heart Association figures, 143 Blount Countians died from heart disease during 1978. A continued program of research to learn how to control this killer depends upon contributions of generous donors.

Teacher appreciation week
by Debbie Hyde

To appreciate the teacher is an easy thing to do. To respect the jobs that they are doing for their problems are never few. What motivates the teacher only few can understand. They really have to care a lot to give our kids a helping hand.

If parents don’t band together to see that they are properly paid, then the future will be so very terrible.

Sure it is easy to forget the teachers and all the work they do. So let’s continue to appreciate and give them our support too. For one thing’s for certain, if we don’t, our children’s advantages will be few.

You just try to stay home and teach them from 2+2 to geometry. You’d see you couldn’t do it and beg them back on bended knee.

All they ask for is your support and your understanding. But show them your respect for a job that tough.