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The Southern Democrat, January 25, 1951

A Better Oneonta

The general appearance of the business section of Oneonta has continued to improve over a period of many months. In recent weeks new buildings are closing up vacant lots which have long been unsightly.

The new building on the site owned by the Masonic Lodge, which is nearing completion, will be occupied on the lower floor by Alabama Power Co. The upper floor will be used for the Lodge and business offices.

An addition to the Oneonta Motor Co. building, which is well underway, will complete the business building on the south side of Second Avenue between First and Third Streets.

On First Avenue, improvements in old firms from First to Fourth Streets have given that entire business stretch a clean and prosperous appearance.

An added improvement to the entire business section has been the attractively dressed display windows of the majority of the business houses.

Perhaps the most unique type of window decorations are the hand-painted windows of Chamblee and Ratliff Grocery, which feature the seasons and various special occasions. The painting is done by Mrs. Glenn Chamblee.

Also featuring hand-made and hand-painted decorations in their windows is Whited Hardware, the work being done by Mrs. J.B. Fowler.

Oneonta should feel pride in each improvement made, and citizens should aid in every way possible in maintaining a clean and attractive town.

– Rice M. Howard

Sgt. Hammett Promoted

Sgt. Floyd E. Hammett, son of Mrs. Ithoma E. Hammett of Altoona has been promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force. Hammett attended Susan Moore High School. Prior to returning to service, he was employed as a lineman by the Alabama Power Company, Oneonta.

Inland Lake bass

Mrs. R.L. Pribbenow, of Blountsville, recently caught a 2 3/4 pound small-mouth bass at Inland Lake. Mrs. Pribbenow is a home economics teacher at Cleveland High School and her husband teaches history at Pennington High.