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The Southern Democrat, May 9, 1963

Harmony news

Since we have been so graciously blessed with the beautiful sunshine and have practically moved outdoors, I’m sure you’ve noticed our busy bees and their disturbed look. I guess our Harmony Club members will just have to apologize, for we have exchanged our bulbs and flowers with each other and probably from the eyes of bees have made a terrible mess.

Americans spend fourth on food, drink, tobacco

About a fourth of the average American’s take-home pay is spent for food, beverages, and tobacco. If 20 percent is spent for food, then five cents out of every dollar goes for beverages and tobacco. Milk is considered a good, not a beverage, says Dorothy Overby of the Auburn University Extension Service.

Cannon ball found a century later

“I’ve been plowing that same land for 30 years,” said C.L. Rhodes, “but never did I find anything like this,” as he exhibited a cannon ball, which he’d found while plowing with a tractor on his farm on Day’s Gap Road. The strange part of finding the six-pound cannon ball is that Mr. Rhodes uncovered it on the anniversary of the Battle of Hog Mountain, the only major Civil War engagement fought in the area (now in Cullman County). The ball, made of steel, is only slightly corroded from its century in the ground.

Elliot confirms $108,000 ARA grant

The Democrat received the following wire from Congressman Carl Elliott May 7:

“It is my great pleasure to report that the Area Redevelopment Administration will approve a grant of $108,000 to Oneonta for expanding its sewage facilities to serve the new Alussco plant. Two hundred direct new jobs will be created by this plan, a subsidiary of Revere Copper and Brass of New York. Grant funds will enable the city to construct water lines, pumping station, and storage tank.”