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The Southern Democrat, April 3, 1975

The secret’s in the pot

Kentucky Fried Chicken franchisee John P. Adams and Mrs. Adams of Oneonta received congratulations from Colonel Harland Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, for nine years of service. They attended the KFC International Franchisee Convention March 16-20 which attracted more than 2,000 people to Las Vegas. Colonel Sanders displayed the pressure cooker he used to prepare his secretly seasoned chicken. Adams served 200,000 meals last year in his Oneonta location.

West has thriving business

High sugar prices may be the cause. The need for crop pollination may be another reason. Or perhaps a lot of folks are just looking for an interesting hobby. The bee experts are willing and able to give us plenty of advice. One such expert, P.M. West, has had a number of projects since retiring from the Soil and Conservation

Service a few years ago. But starting his honey business was entirely by accident. He came home one day and saw a swarm of bees settled on a crepe myrtle limb. It seemed a shame to let them get away.

As most of us would have been, the Wests were without any beekeeping equipment lying around. He spotted a wooden drink case and decided to use it. He placed a board on the ground under the bees and shook them off the limb near the wooden case. The next morning they were all inside the case as though they’d found a home. The entrance was taped and the “beehive” was moved to the farm.

Later in the summer, two more cases had to be added to take care of the growing colony. At robbing time, Mr. West (still with no equipment) made a roll of some rags to be burned as a smoker, wrapped some cheesecloth around his face, and tackled the job of removing surplus honey. He was rewarded with several pints and still hasn’t spent any money.