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The Southern Democrat, June 7, 1934

Election Next Tuesday

The Run-Off Democratic Primary will be held next Tuesday.

At this time a candidate for Governor is to be nominated. There are two candidates asking for the nomination – Col. Bibb Graves and Major Frank Dixon.

The two contenders for Secretary of State are Howell Turner and Gilbert Davis.

M.C. Sivley and Frank Embry are in the contest for Circuit Solicitor. The race for Probate Judge of Blount County is between J.R. Copeland and Ernest Harmon.

In the race for Circuit Clerk F.W. Reid and Birl Brown are the contenders.

John Blackmon and O.A. Myrick are the two candidates to be voted on for Commissioner of the First District, while Ollie C. Nash and Onus Hyatt are contending for the place of Commissioner of the Third District.

David Jackson Struck By Lightning

David Jackson, of route 1, Altoona, was struck by lightning while sitting on the side of a bed in his room Monday morning and was seriously burned.

Dr. Marvin Denton who attended him says that he is badly blistered in places but he will recover. Jackson’s overalls were badly scorched but no other damage was done.

‘ Buy- It – In-Oneonta’ Program is Urged

The Southern Democrat
together with the progressive Merchants and Business Men of Oneonta are sponsoring this BUY-ITIN ONEONTA program because it is earnestly felt that every citizen will be benefitted if a rigid live-athome policy is pursued.

It is hard to estimate the enormous sums of cash money that are leaving Oneonta monthly. Suffice to further impoverish this section.

Of course it is impossible to “stop all the leaks.” But there are scores of other cracks in our economic wall; little leaks that every one of us have made and which it is now up to us to stop.