Drugs, not alcohol, county’s biggest problem

My name is Barbara Cornelius. I am almost 73 years of age and have lived in Blount County for many, many years. I am a Christian and an active member of First Baptist Church, Cleveland. As I am writing this letter to the editor, I do not know if the county will vote wet or remain dry at this time next week.

I have read with great interest all of the pros and cons of each letter each week. Greg Cornelius is my son.

My sisters and I are products of an alcoholic father in a dry Blount County. I know of many other situations with alcoholics in this county that has been dry.

However, the point that I would like to make is that Blount County has a far greater problem than the sale of legal alcohol. The sale of drugs that are destroying our youth is rampant in our county. It can be purchased illegally in any direction that you go.

My prayer is that the same people that fought so valiantly to keep “Blount County Special” would now turn to ridding our county of drug distributors and provide support for the youth that are already victims of the horrible drugs that are available. This should be a goal for every citizen in this county.

Our county is indeed special whether it is wet or dry. I love the land and the people that inhabit the county and pray that the harsh words that have been spoken will be forgiven and we can all remain the good stewards that we are required to be.
Barbara Cornelius