Churches join together in Philippines relief effort



The typhoon that ravaged the Philippines earlier this month struck the hearts of those on the other side of the world, especially those at Lester Memorial United Methodist Church in Oneonta.

“We’ve been partnering with Kid’s International Ministries (KIM) in the Philippines for three years,” said Joe Hastings. “The ministry provides a children’s home to orphans, supplies to the locals, and their director Jeff Long was anxious to provide support and relief for that area affected by the typhoon.”

Now, Lester Memorial is joining with Oneonta First Baptist to help in the relief effort. They are asking for items ranging from medical supplies to flip flops to hammers. Relief items can be dropped off at one of their three locations – Lester Memorial day care, the Lester Memorial fellowship hall, or the First Baptist office.

The churches have the opportunity to send 25 50-lb boxes for no charge if they get them to the Atlanta airport Tuesday night. Collection will continue until the boxes are ready to be packed and transported on Sunday night.

Monetary donations can also be made Charlee Ellen Atkinson fills a box at Lester Memorial Day Care to help with the Philippines relief effort. by giving it to either church and stamping it with “Philippines Relief.”

“People were wondering what they could do to help, especially those at the schools,” said Joe’s wife, Cindy. “Now, the schools are also collecting for this.”

Matt Scott with First Baptist said he was glad a local connection was involved with the relief effort.

“It’s always great to know the ministry we are sending to,” he said.

Scott said both churches call on each other when needs such as this arise, and it’s good for both to know they can look to each other for assistance.

“This is our community coming together to provide tangible help for those in need,” Joe said. “But, it is important to note, we’re strictly doing this to show the love of Jesus Christ.”