Choose democracy

Are you as disgusted as I am with the sewage-slinging that this election has brought? Is the world watching America’s lack of truth, honesty, and integrity in our election process?

It has been said that the Republican candidate has brought shame to our state. That he will take us back to what it was. Well, I’m in my 70s and I remember what it was like. Wives could clean house without doors locked because they knew no one would break in and rob and murder them. Children could safely play in the yard knowing no one would kidnap them or be shot by a drive-by shooter. Stores were closed on Sunday because people went to church. That is when everyone respected each other, exhibited character, and honesty, but that was before God was taken out of the schools.

Roy Moore, it has been pointed out, while acting on the Alabama Supreme Court bench, dissented on several issues regarding young girls. Since we have no knowledge of these documents, we can only assume that the lower courts did not find sufficient evidence to warrant a different outcome.

So how did we get to the point of liberals ordering us to support their candidate through intimidation and other means? The most important issue in this special election is a conservative seat in Washington to support conservative issues and candidates that will represent all the people, not just the liberals.

Do we, the people of the great state of Alabama, really want our voice voided because of their efforts? I think we are smarter than that. Our voting of our choice is democracy in action. No voice – no democracy.

Nancy Massey
Locust Fork