Budgeted Expenditures



Explanation of pie-chart terms Expenditures (major categories)

General Government: county building maintenance, employee salaries/benefits, direct support to outside agencies, elections expense.

Public Safety: Sheriff’s Department, jail, school resource officers, emergency management, coroner, youth services, juvenile probation, and fire protection.

Highways and Roads: district road budgets, engineer’s office, county shop, road-related equipment and materials.

Sanitation: county transfer station and contract garbage pickup.

Health: county mental health officer, mental health building, animal control program.

Welfare: aging program, adult daycare, nutrition/homedelivered meals for the elderly, public transportation, indigent services.

Culture and Recreation: Palisades Park, libraries and museum, agri-business center.

Education: Extension Service, Blount County Education Foundation, office building and included maintenance for county school system. Revenues (major categories)

Taxes: general property tax, one- and two-cent gas tax, county general sales tax.

Licenses and Permits: business privilege tax, pistol permits, manufactured home registration.

Intergovernmental: State sales tax, four- and five-cent gas tax, motor vehicle license and registration, state cost-sharing for highways and elections, state grants.

Charges for Services: court fees, dumping fees, public transportation fees, probate judge fees, scrap tire licenses.

Fines and Forfeitures: sale of seized property, cash intercepted by law enforcement.

Miscellaneous Revenues: interest, office rental, vending machines, sale of maps and publications, donations.