Anderton wins Place 2; runoff set for Place 4

Steve Anderton was elected as Place 2 Oneonta City School Board member after last week’s election, and Patrick Adams and Russell Smith will move on to a runoff for Place 4.

Anderton won Place 2 with 372 votes. Place 2 candidate Lisa Stoffregen Wester garnered 228 votes, and Stacy Brown had 32.

“I would like to thank everyone who supported me during the election,” Anderton said.“I have enjoyed serving the Oneonta School System in the past and look forward to serving as a board member now. I will work hard to make our great school system even better and will work to always be accessible to my community and school. Thanks to my wife, Melinda, and immediate family for all of their help and support.”

Wester, not only Anderton’s opponent but also a family member, had nothing but good comments concerning his win.

“Before anything else, I would like to congratulate my friend and family member Steve Anderton on his hard-earned victory,” she said.“It was a thrilling experience to have run for school board. I’m forever humbled and grateful by the encouragement of our community. As president of Oneonta’s Foundation for Education Resources, I look forward to working with our new board as we con- tinue our pursuit of technology in the classroom.”

The Place 4 election was close. Patrick Adams had 263 votes, and Russell Smith followed with 243. Christy Phillips Brooks had 128.

“I want to thank the 263 fellow citizens who expressed their confidence in me by casting their vote,” Adams said.“To all of those interested in our students’ futures, I would ask that you consider my unique experience with our school system, my professional experience, and my relationships within Oneonta and the diverse businesses throughout east Alabama.”

Smith said the results were humbling for him.

“I’ve very excited, and I still believe I have the qualifications to be an effective board member,” he said.“I respect Pat and either way the runoff ends, I believe the board will have a good member.”

Brooks expressed gratitude to those who assisted her in the past few weeks.

“I want to say thank you to everyone that helped with the election,” she said.“Thank you to my family for the love and support throughout the election, and thanks for all the encouraging words from everyone. We truly live in a great community! I hope the best for Steve in Place 2, and wish good luck to Pat and Russell in the runoff.”

In anticipation of the runoff, Smith and Adams invited the public to follow the rest of their campaign on Facebook.

The runoff election is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 7.