A night to remember



Oneonta junior class president Brodie Devaney said it best, “We’ve all been through lots of obstacles this school year to say the least. We have tried extremely hard to make sure that with all the things this senior class had to miss out on that prom was not going to be one of them.”

The email to the class of 2020 laid out the plans to move the prom to the streets of downtown Oneonta instead of the other option on the table, canceling all together.

“The City of Oneonta has been very gracious in allowing us to make this happen,” he continued. “I know this is not ideal to many, but this whole school year has not been ideal for anyone. We are attempting to make this happen, make it memorable, and do it safely.”

And it was a memorable night as they created their own magical experience under the stars dancing the night away.

Kudos to all who made this happen. As one mom said, “I believe it is not the venue that matters as much as it is the people that make a celebration special. The classes of 2020 and 2021 came together to make that night beautiful and unforgettable.”

The Blount Countian would love to highlight any other special moments from the Class of 2020 over the last few months as the pandemic has altered many of their plans. Email us at news@blountcountian.com so we can share your stories.

– aw