2021-08-11 E-Edition

FLFR looks to upgrade river classification

The Locust Fork River is one of Blount County’s most popular destinations for not only locals, but for out-of-county visitors, too. Did you realize, however, that many sections of the river are only classified as safe for fish and wildlife – a lower classification of river use? “If you are as concerned about safe swimming and safe river recreation in […]

COVID-19 from a different perspective

As the coronavirus continues to spread, many people continue to wonder – when will it end? Will we ever get back to normal? The simple truth is we will never be able to go back to normal. However, maybe that is not such a bad thing. Despite the chaos and destruction caused by COVID-19, our community has managed to grow […]

SMHS teacher dies suddenly

Faculty, staff, and students at Susan Moore High School are mourning the loss of one of their own. Phillip Edwin Cline Jr. (right), whose tenure at the school began last week, passed away late Monday afternoon. Cline’s mother, Dianne Cline, shared the news via Facebook. She wrote, “I have no words to fill the void in my life… today my […]


FRIENDS OF THE LOCUST FORK RIVER Saturday, Aug. 14: Riverbank cleanups at five locations. Saturday, Aug. 14, 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.: Ruminations on the River at King’s Bend Scenic Overlook Park. Bring a chair, pen and paper, and drinking water as poet Tina Mozelle Braziel guides you to describe what you experience in your surroundings. Dress comfortably and be […]

Velma and Vera

If you are fortunate enough to have crossed paths with Velma Hill and Vera McNew, you know that laughter is a large part of their life. The 96-year-old identical twin sisters, who reside in Blount County, may likely be the oldest set of living twins in the county. If not, they are one of only a few. Both Velma and […]

Readers Write

We live on land that borders the Locust Fork River. Like many of our neighbors, we spend free time there swimming, going on floats, enjoying the waterfalls, kayaking, and even inadvertently swimming under water when kayaking goes wrong. We all have fond, treasured memories of the river that flows through our county, so when my wife told me the Alabama […]

LFR water quality designation

Have you ever thought about how safe you and your family are when swimming in our local rivers and streams? The waters in Blount County are designated healthy for fish and wildlife, but what about for swimmers? The Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) sets water quality standards for many water bodies in Alabama and periodically review for compliance. The […]

Between the Lines

The thump, thump of feet in the halls of Blount County and Oneonta City schools is officially underway. School year 2021 is on the books and there are mixed emotions. I do not have a child, so I can’t speak to how I feel about the parameters surrounding this new academic year. What I can do is wish your child, […]


All we did was pray… I was reminded of a story a few days ago about a man who was trapped on his rooftop during a dangerous flood. The man prayed to God to help him. A boat paddled by and the rower called up to the man, “Climb down into my boat, I will help you.” The stranded gentleman […]