2020-12-16 E-Edition

The chaos of COVID

Ten months into the COVID-19 pandemic, things are looking graver than ever despite the promise of the release of a vaccine. Experts believe it will take months to vaccinate enough of the population to see a significant change. With more than 300,000 deaths nationally, and daily totals exceeding 3,000 deaths at times, healthcare workers and facilities are desperate for relief. […]

Parks and recreation redevelopment on the horizon

City of Oneonta

On Dec. 8, the Oneonta City Council met for its regular work session to discuss the agenda for its business meeting. Included on the agenda was the city’s parks and recreation redevelopment and expansion. Packets of proposed plans were distributed, viewed, and discussed by the council. Once all the agenda items were discussed in detail, Mayor Richard Phillips adjourned the […]

Big drug bust

Last Thursday, Blount County law enforcement authorities arrested 16 people as part of a joint operation focused on drug-related crimes. According to officials, charges range from drug trafficking and distribution of controlled substances to possession of controlled substances and receiving stolen property. There were also a variety of outstanding arrest warrants. Authorities confiscated approximately six pounds of marijuana, one pound […]

Courthouse closed to public

Monday morning, Blount County officials announced that the Blount County Courthouse would be closed to the public through the Christmas holiday. Plans are to reopen the facility on Monday, Dec. 28. In a statement released through its Facebook page, the Blount County Commission said that the closure was “an effort to control the spread of COVID-19 and provide recovery and […]


BLOUNT COUNTY COURTHOUSE In an effort to control the spread of COVID-19 and provide recovery and quarantine time to staff, the courthouse is closed to the public through Friday, Dec. 25. It will reopen Monday, Dec. 28. Services will be available by phone with the exception of Dec.24 and 25. BLOUNT COUNTY COMMISSION will not have a work session tomorrow, […]

Reader Writes

Thank you Blount Countian and Lea Ervin-White for the excellent article on Hanukkah, “Gadol Haya Sham.” What a surprise it was to have Hanukkah recognized with this beautifully written article and a message at the end that everyone can appreciate. As one of the few Jewish people living in Blount County, I found it heart-warming. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy […]

Out and About

Daddy, I have COVID

I got the call that anyone during this stressful time of COVID-19 prays they will never get from a loved one, or anyone for that matter. My daughter called, “Daddy, I have COVID!” I was very sympathetic as you would expect from a daddy. My daughter was so upset, obviously, as she did her best to explain between sobs. I […]

From the Archives

The Southern Democrat, December 18, 1958

The family reunionby Dr. Lelias E. Kirby I can’t think of a sweeter phrase than “Going home.” Whether you have just been away for a day working at the shop or office only a mile from home, or in some foreign land hundreds of miles away for months, there is a deep stirring of the soul when you are going […]

Blountsville awarded grant for paving

The Blountsville Town Council met Monday, Dec. 7, with Mayor Danny Baker and council members Ray Baxley, David Blaxton, Tyler Cantrell, Shannon Elkins, and Debra Sorrell in attendance. Baker announced that the town had been awarded a $250,000 grant from the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA). The funds will go towards paving roads, which Baker said they […]