2020-11-25 E-Edition

Visitation station offers a personal touch

Nursing home residents have pretty much been isolated from their families since the pandemic began in March of this year. Visits initially were not allowed. Then, as numbers declined, nursing homes were able to make some provisions for visits even if it meant window visits, Facetime visits, or outside visits with family members remaining six feet apart. And, while these […]

How educators, parents, students are coping

COVID-19 and the classroom

Last spring when schools were forced to close as COVID-19 swept through the state, most everyone believed school would resume as usual in August. By July, it was clear that the pandemic would change the way the 2020/2021 school year began. There were virtual open houses, restricted schedule pick-ups, classrooms with seating arrangements to allow space between students, and mask […]

Wonderland Under Warrior

A day trip to Rickwood Caverns in Warrior is always a fun adventure, but from now until Wednesday, Dec. 30, the cave has been transformed into Wonderland Under Warrior, a magical experience where you will be mesmerized by laser lights, a Rockin’ Christmas Room, Rick Whoville, Lover’s Leap, a waterfall of lights, a snowy room, and an elf workshop. Before […]

Charlie Brown Christmas

“Christmas is coming, but I’m not happy. I don’t feel the way I’m supposed to feel.” – Charlie Brown “Good grief, Charlie Brown!” The Charlie Brown Christmas tree may seem like the perfect Christmas tree for 2020 because of its lack of what one may think a tree at Christmas should look like. Just as many may view this “new […]

Sheriff gets a new set of wheels

Last Friday, the Blount County Sheriff’s office got a new set of wheels.The custom-built Polaris Razr XP 1000 is equipped with a siren, LED lights, a light bar, and much more. Charles Reece of Cleveland donated the vehicle after “seeing a need that needed to be filled,” Reece explained. Blount County Sheriff Mark Moon said the all-terrain vehicle is definitely […]

Thankful… grateful… blessed

I’ll have to admit, I’ve had about all of 2020 I can stand. This year has been a real bummer! I won’t list all the awfulness of 2020 because that would be a bore. You’ve heard it too many times already. And, anyway, this is the time of year that we set aside for giving thanks, not belly aching. So […]


CITY OF ONEONTA Due to circumstances regarding COVID, the public hearing and regular scheduled council meeting that were to be held Nov. 24 have been rescheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 1, beginning at 5:15 p.m. 20TH ANNUAL CHRISTMAS LIGHTS AT PALISADES PARK Decorating will continue through November and the exhibit opens to the public Tuesday, Dec. 1. The exhibit is free, […]

Do you recycle your money?

We are all aware that recycling as many types of materials as possible is beneficial to the future of our planet, but there is one type of recycling that is absolutely critical to the future of our community. We all need to be recycling our money! This doesn’t mean that we should shred it up and turn it into environmentally […]

Dam and drain maintenance is your responsibility

County Agent’s Corner

Winter offers a great time to inspect and maintain your pond dam and water control structures. Temperatures are cool, the leaves are off the trees, and most snakes have gone into hibernation. Annual inspection and care of your pond dam and water control structures not only serves as peace of mind knowing that your upstream and downstream investments are secure, […]