JERRY TIDWELL Construction, located at 61545 U.S. Highway 231, Cleveland, is currently accepting applications for Construction M-F and Warehouse W-S workers. Positions are for full-time employees. Apply at construction office. O14-28p1100 ———————– TIDWELL FARMS is looking for after-school and Saturday workers. Apply in person at Jerry Tidwell Construction, 61545 U.S. Hwy 231, Cleveland. Will work afternoons until 7 and all […]


COMPUTER & IT Training Program! Train online to get the skills to become a Computer & Help Desk Professional now! Now offering a $10,000 Scholarship for qualified applicants. Call CTI for details! 1-844-218-4255 (M-F 7am-5pm) O14cA ———————– BECOME A Published Author! We edit, print and distribute your work internationally. We do the work. You reap the Rewards! Call for a […]


WANTED: FORD Rangers, junk cars, and pickup trucks. Running or not. Cash paid. Call any time. 205-625-6713. O9tfcCASEY800 ———————– FREON WANTED: We pay $$$ for cylinders and cans. R12 R500 R11 R113 R114.Convenient. Certified Professionals. Call (312) 291-9169 or visit O14cA


FOR SALE: An undivided 1/4 interest in 162 acres (+/-), located in Sections 20 and 21, Township 10 South, Range 2 East, Blount County, Alabama. Call 205-613-2361. S30- D2p1000 ———————– 5 ACRES for sale on County Highway 26 in Royal. 205-353-7416. O7-28p1000 ———————– “The loudest boos will always come from the cheapest seats.” -Babe Ruth People who invest the least […]

Readers Write

Mr. Calvert, As a resident, business owner, and voter in Blount County’s District 3, I am asking for your resignation as our commissioner. You have hurt this county, and you continue to do so in refusing to step down. I have visited your Facebook page, sir, and it is clear that you have carefully edited out all of the calls […]

Readers Write

Dean Calvert’s Sept. 30, 2020, Facebook post- his words in “quotations” and mine in (parentheses and italics) “My mistakes have caused a lot of issues in this county, (A long list of mistakes, the most recent being the N-word video) but I have been used, abused and mislead and blackmailed (Any details you would like to share in order to […]

Between the Lines

One day last week I woke up very late. In my rush to get out of the house, I left my paperwork for the day on my kitchen table. Halfway to get my cup of coffee I realized it, but decided to go on to get my coffee, then circle back. As I was walking in to order my cup […]

A Coke and a smile

It was muggy outside, hot and humid even at 8 p.m. I was nervously waiting for a knock at the door. First dates are always nerve wracking, but this one would be even more so. He didn’t speak very much English, and I didn’t speak any French. “What are we going to talk about,” I thought as I looked at […]

Preparing fruit for freezing

County Agent’s Corner

Pack and label containers Using the right container to freeze fruits is essential. Be sure to always use a moisture-proof container so fruits don’t dry out and a vapor proof container to keep other odors out. You can’t go wrong with freezer bags or rigid freezer containers. Last week, I talked about different ways to preserve fruits; there’s a couple […]

Council approves FY2021 budgets

Town of Cleveland

The Cleveland Town Council held a work session last Thursday to finalize the town’s FY2021 general fund and water/sewer system budgets. Projected revenue for the general fund for the coming year is $854,445, an increase of more than $66,000 over the past year’s projection. Almost all of the increase ($63,000) is due to revenue derived from sales taxes. Mayor Jerry […]