WANT TO buy junk cars and pick-up trucks, running or not. Call anytime. Phone 625-6713. M17tfccCASEY800 ——— FREON R12 wanted: Certified buyer will pay cash for R12 cylinders or cases of cans. 1-312-291- 9169; www.refrigerantfinders.com. A22cA


PATENTED FLEA Beacon® controls fleas in the home without toxic chemicals or costly exterminators. Results overnight. Whitley Feed & Farm Supply (466-7335) www.flea beacon.com. A01-22p1000


CLEVELAND: CONTRACT fell through. 3BR/2BA, nearly 3 acres, fixer-upper. $95,000. 205- 429-5246. A15-22p1000 ———


3BR/2BA MOBILE home, Nectar Covered Bridge Road. Stove, refrigerator, garbage pickup, and water furnished. Will be available Aug. 1. $500/ month. 205-999-4149. A01-29p1100



Teamwork: work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole (Merriam-Webster) Football is the ultimate team sport. There are few things better than Friday night lights with two teams battling it out on the field surrounded by the sounds of bands, cheerleaders, and frenzied fans. Americans love football, […]


In last week’s Cleveland Town Council report, the date given for the town’s Labor Day celebration is incorrect. The event will take place on Monday, Sept. 3.

My ear hurts!

County Agent’s Corner

It is always nice to find a yellow jacket nest before they find you! Often, however, this isn’t the case. I was mowing grass last August and right about dark I passed close to a nest and got them stirred up really good. Because it was late, I didn’t notice them flying over the nest. The second time I passed […]

From the Archives

The Southern Democrat, August 26, 1976

From local merchants:Ultra Brite Toothpaste – .77cRose Milk skin cream – $1.27Coke – 6 bottle carton – .99cWasher and Dryer matched set – $499Ladies’ polyester pants – $3.99Men’s 100% polyester Leisure Suit – $16.99Ladies’ diamond cluster half carat – $199Steam Iron – $14.99Jack’s – Two Big Jacks, two regular fries, $1.99 Irven F. Myers produced one rather peculiar ear of […]

Attorney-builder exchange offers drama at Snead

Snead town attorney Brett King and subdivision developer David Jackson exchanged words at the latest town council meeting over Jackson’s application to develop six lots on Dodd Road. Jackson had addressed the council in a special Aug. 7 meeting called for personnel matters. Jackson’s complaint hinged on his perceived delay in receiving council approval for the development. King held that […]

Vaughn retires as coroner

Effective Aug. 1, Blount County coroner Mark Vaughn officially began retirement. Lynn Sweatman assumed the remaining months of Vaughn’s term. Sweatman, who has no opposition on the November ballot, has worked closely with Vaughn for several years, and Vaughn described him as having a servant’s heart. Vaughn, who has served as coroner 12 years, now has his sight focused on […]