What about our bridges?

First, a profile and comparisons to set the stage. Blount County has 112 bridges outside of municipality limits. It has 97 bridges, or 86 percent, more than 25 years old: It has 64 bridges, or 57 percent, more than 50 years old. Elmore County, across the Alabama River from Montgomery, has 123 county bridges. More than 25 years old: 91 […]

Snead offers police chief job

In a bit of extended theater, the Snead Town Council began its meeting with a citizen comment, referencing the possible hiring of a new police chief, and ended the meeting more than 30 minutes later with that action. Mayor La’Shone Price opened the meeting with his customary call for any who wished to address the council and Margaret Humbard raised […]

Both sides ponder outcome

Tax referendum thoughts/afterthoughts

First the metrics: Final vote totals on the 9-mil school property tax increase referendum for Oneonta City schools were; in favor: 481 (32 percent); opposed: 1,022 (68 percent). Total votes cast: 1,503. Total Oneonta registered voters: 4,273. Turnout: 35 percent. Debrief Rickey Cleveland, opponent of tax proposal: “Of course, I’m happy with the outcome. I think the election was about […]

Local thoughts on school employees, SROs

Arming the schools

Current policy in both school districts in Blount County is that school personnel are prohibited from carrying firearms on school property. That policy does not seem likely to change at Oneonta City Schools. Changing it could be an option in Blount County Schools, but it would probably not involve teachers carrying guns. The Blount County sheriff does not object to […]

What Molly meant to me…

I really don’t even know where to start. Let’s just say this – I would not be here if it wasn’t for Molly Howard. The news of her death over the weekend was certainly not unexpected but it still hit me hard…much harder than I thought it would. Molly was one of the best people that I’ve ever known. Everyone […]

News Briefs

SILENT AUCTION will be Saturday, March 3, from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m., at Cleveland First Baptist Church fellowship hall. Many items have been donated by local businesses and door prizes will be awarded. Light refreshments will be served. Proceeds will benefit a local family who plans to adopt an infant. BLOUNT COUNTY EXTENSION SERVICE is offering a Right Bite […]

Prison health care, infrastructure, Medicaid need to be addressed


The Alabama Legislature usually gets very little done during an election year session except passage of the budgets. However, the Legislature may have to address issues pertaining to prison health care. A Federal judge has ruled that our prison mental health care is “horrendously inadequate.” This year the solution will probably be to simply add $30 to 50 million to […]

From the Archives

The Southern Democrat, February 28, 1935

Repeal defeated in Alabama As we go to press it looks like Alabama has voted to retain the present prohibition laws. The incomplete returns from the State show the forces leading by 4500 votes. Early returns from the big cities of Birmingham, Mobile, and Montgomery showed a big majority in favor of repeal, but as the returns began to come […]

Spring sports off and running

The earlier-than-expected warm weather has been great for spring sports – even though the warm weather has brought a lot of rain with it, as well. Soccer The Susan Moore boys soccer team started the season ranked No. 4 in 1A- 3A and the Bulldogs have started the year off strong. Last week, Susan Moore (2-3-1) hammered soccer newcomer Holly […]

Snead council interviews three for police chief

Five members of the Snead Town Council interviewed prospective police chief candidates Anthony Grigsby, Noel Christian Hall, and Matthew McCoy in a called public meeting last Thursday. Councilman, sheriff’s deputy, and former Chief Tim Kent had withdrawn his previously submitted application prior to the hearing. This piece addresses questions the reporter believed most relevant. The interview with Hall, who has […]