Commission Chairman makes case

Summary of Green’s comments on MBCF

(paraphrased for brevity) • There’s been no increase in sales taxes in 25 years. Costs of everything have increased greatly during that time. In particular, the cost of road building materials has increased by 250 percent, according to information from the Association of County Commissions of Alabama. However, increases in tax revenues used to pay for road maintenance, have not […]

Main MBCF plan elements

• The 1-cent tax increase is estimated to produce at least $3,050,000 in new revenues. • The division of revenues, by state law, is to be as follows: – $50,000 (annually) to ISO-rated fire departments, including the Blount County Rescue Squad. – Fifty percent (about $1.5 million annually) to the Blount County Commission, restricted to the maintenance and construction of […]

Return of the run

After three years, the Covered Bridge Run is back. It kicks off the Covered Bridge Festival, on Saturday, Oct. 22. Angie Hogeland, new director of the run, is excited to have the torch passed to her from great past directors like Lynn Pass, Hal Buckelew, and Jim Murphree. This year, there will be a 5K walk/run and an 8K run. […]

Jailbreak galvanizes response, concludes quickly

The escape of two prisoners from the Blount County jail at 2:35 p.m. last Saturday set off a flurry of activity by county law enforcement agencies, then concluded quickly with capture of the fugitives about two hours later. William Lane Bosner, 21, and Stephen Eric Garner, 36, escaped through an approximately 2-foot-square hole that they cut through the wall of […]

Bomb scare Thursday morning

It was an anxious hour-and-a-half last Thursday morning with one end of Main Street closed to traffic downtown while assorted first responders waited for the ATF bomb squad to arrive and deal with a suspicious backpack lying on the sidewalk leading up to the BB&T parking lot. Turned out to be a tempest in a teapot. That’s a good thing. […]

Snead mayor-elect unhappy with recent article

Snead Mayor-elect LaShone Price took exception to a paragraph dealing with a Snead Town Council’s requested attorney general’s opinion in the Oct. 5 edition of The Blount Countian. He believes some may read the article as questioning his business ethics. He felt the article suggested his business, Snead Funeral Home, receives or makes payment for police escorted funeral corteges. He […]


Article on city budget figures challenged

Oneonta city manager/economic development officer Ed Lowe challenged figures in last week’s city budget article. He explains that the $313,000 the city receives from the Oneonta City Board of Education basically flows through the city into a bond payment and is in addition to the budget’s designated $435,000 cash and services contributions to the school. The article had mistakenly deducted […]

Sullins wins Snead runoff

Ann Garrison Sullins defeated Trey Christian by 89 votes to 65 in the Oct. 4 runoff for council place 5 in Snead. The voter turnout was 75 percent of the municipal election total, according to town clerk Rae Ware. “I’m excited about what’s coming next,” Sullins said after the victory. She joins mayor LaShone Price as new members of the […]

County water systems withstand drought so far

Despite about one-third of the county being under severe or extreme drought conditions, public water providers report no problems and no concerns in the foreseeable future with supplies. Only one of the entities polled – Pine Bluff Water Authority – has asked users to observe voluntary restrictions on water use, normally the first level of conservation management implemented when water […]

News Briefs

ONEONTA REC BASKETBALL for girls in grades 2-6 will have registration Saturdays, Oct. 15, 22, and 29, from 9 a.m. until noon, in the Oneonta High School lobby. The registration fee is $25 and if you have registered with the rec center, there is no need to register again. PICK-A-PET ADOPTION FAIR will be Saturday, Oct. 15, from 10 a.m. […]