Cleveland principal slots filled, new maintenance supervisor named

The Blount County Board of Education stayed inside the system to fill three high-profile positions during a called meeting last week. The board acted on the recommendation of Superintendent Rodney Green and hired (or transferred, officially) Chris Lakey at Cleveland High to serve as principal, Joe Whited at Cleveland Elementary as principal and Ken Parker to the position of maintenance/ […]

Roundabout proposed for West Blount

Roundabouts are an alternative way of controlling traffic at intersections where one might normally expect a traffic light. Traffic moves in a circular flow around a round-ish central island, and individual drivers “peel off” in the direction they want to go where incoming roads intersect the roundabout. They are used widely in England and other European countries, and fairly extensively […]

Alabama becomes sixth state to ban kratom

Last Tuesday, Gov. Robert Bentley signed a bill that puts kratom on the controlled substance list. Kratom has now been banned, and stores were told to dispose of all kratom products they have. The Legislature passed the bill despite strong opposition from the American Kratom Association, which presents kratom as a safe alternative to opiate pain killers. Most opiate pain […]

Gordon-Patton Hospital evokes memories of a former time

Gordon-Patton Hospital was Oneonta’s first full-service hospital, opening in October 1948, and closing 20 years later, in 1968. In those 20 years, it served as the birthplace, surgical venue, and place of treatment for numerous residents of Oneonta and Blount County. It was also the place of final confinement for some in the era before the rise of nursing homes. […]

NEWS Briefs

WEST BLOUNT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE will meet tomorrow, May 19, at 6 p.m. at the Hayden Community Center, 629 County Road 7. Agenda topics include financial statement update, election of new directors, introduction of scholarship recipients, and much more. The public is invited. BLOUNT COUNTY-ONEONTA AGRI-BUSINESS CENTER will have the annual indoor yard sale Friday, May 20, and Saturday, May […]

Cheatwood charged with burglary

Steven Tylor Cheatwood, 34, of Oneonta, was charged with second degree burglary last Thursday, after a home invasion that occurred on County Road 21 in Snead. According to Blount County Sheriff’s Department Operations Officer Tim Kent, the victim reported that she woke up around 5 a.m. on Sunday, April 24, to find Cheatwood on his knees beside her in her […]

Morgan charged in child abuse case

Michael Morgan, 25, of Blountsville was arrested on two counts of aggravated child abuse and two counts of first-degree assault, last Thursday. The charges are after an investigation of the serious physical injuries of two children under the age of 3 in April 2016. A bond of $200,000 has been set for Morgan. According to Blount County Sheriff’s Department Operations […]


The newspaper last week reported the total cost of Blount County District 4’s 2016 paving program as $174,588. The correct cost is $274,588 for the 13 roads included in the district’s 2016 schedule.

“… unto the least of these…”

Dear Oneonta: You may not know how great your city is! Two churches – Lester Memorial live what they believe. Both Baptist Church and Oneonta First Baptist Church have been such a blessing to our seniors in need at the Oneonta Senior churches Center. The Bible says, “What you do to the least of these, you do unto me.” Matthew […]

How a bill makes it out of Montgomery


Last week we talked about how difficult it is to win passage of a legislative act. It does not matter if the proposed legislation is for apple pie and motherhood. If for nothing else, the bill has to go before both House and Senate committees, win approval, and not get an amendment put on it. If it gets an amendment […]