Room to run

Commission adopts 2015 budget in contentious session

The September Blount County Commission meeting, with 2015 fiscal year budget approval as its main agenda item, began in dissension and concluded in discord. Not since 2006 have interests of the districts in the county been debated as superceding county welfare as a whole. The conflict involves the district road budgets, subject of explicit disagreement during the better part of […]

2015 Budget

boosts road spending 11 percent

The 2015 Blount County fiscal year budget was adopted Monday on a split vote of the commission. (See story above.) It contains the largest amount of money devoted to highways and roads – both percentagewise in absolute terms– of any fiscal year budget in the county’s recent history. The 2015 budget projects revenues and expenditures covering the period Oct. 1, […]

Alabama Supreme Court to hear

Alcohol appeal

The alcohol fight isn’t over yet. Even though the city of Oneonta and the town of Blountsville have already voted to allow the sale of alcohol in their municipalities, prior to those events, an appeal was filed concerning a ruling by Blount County Judge Steven King, and the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case on Nov. 6 at […]

Focuses in

The man is driven: quietly, unobtrusively, and amiably, like a velvet hammer. Why begin an article on a new school superintendent, of all people, with such an unrestrained pronouncement? Because it’s one quality – maybe the most important one – necessary for success in this particular job: taking the Oneonta school system that’s already extraordinarily good by most measures – […]

Four family reunion set for later this month

Descendants of four of the most well-known Blount County families will be reuniting later this month during an annual reunion. The Allgood, Bynum, Cornelius, and Murphree families settled in the area prior to the Civil War and have since become known as four of the main families from Blount County. Many descendants have since moved to other places, and each […]

The forgotten park

I read with interest Judge Green’s comments about Palisades Park. I have been to the park several times and have enjoyed my visits. However, there is another park in Blount County, even though it is in the“forgotten” part of our county. Rickwood Caverns has been the location for the Blount County Fire Association Meeting several times. Park ranger Jimmy Russell […]

Constitution Week

River’s Chapter local Warrior NSDAR The reminds of the observance of Constitution of America’s most Week, the commemoration annually document. It is celebrated impor tant during the week of Sept. 17- 23. In 1955, DAR petitioned Congress to set 23 annually to be dedicated for aside Sept. 17- the observance of Constitution Week. The resolution was later adopted by the […]

1986 and the return of the Republican Party

The 1986 Governor’s race will be remembered as one of Alabama’s most amazing political stories. In 1978 Fob James sent the Three Bs – Brewer, Beasley and Baxley – packing. Brewer and Beasley had been permanently exiled to Buck’s Pocket, the mythical destination for defeated Alabama gubernatorial candidates. However, Bill Baxley resurrected his political career by bouncing back to be […]

Palisades Park gets Wi-Fi; CAWACO helps

Wi-Fi is now available to patrons using the lodges, pavilions, and much of the main area of Palisades Park, excluding only the trails and a couple of the most outlying areas. That’s thanks to a $5,000 contribution from CAWACO Resource Conservation and Development Council, a perennial partner on such projects, the installation work of Internet provider Blount Broadband, and the […]