In Remembrance

Retired 1st Sgt. John E. Hand Jr., places a wreath on the Blount County Veterans Memorial in front of the courthouse after a Memorial Day ceremony on Saturday in remembrance of those Blount County lives that were lost for this nation’s freedom. The event featured speaker Chad Richmond, department adjutant Alabama Chapter of Disabled American Veterans (DAV), national executive committeeman […]

EMA’s Roybal to speak at Chamber luncheon

New emergency management agency director Don Roybal will be the featured speaker at the Blount County-Oneonta Chamber luncheon today at Cleveland First Baptist Church. Time is 12 noon. The church is located on Ala 79 near its junction with Ala 160. Roybal was hired to replace retired EMA director Max Armstrong. He has been on the job since March 31, […]

Federal, state, legislative, county offices, and two wet/dry referenda up for grabs June 3

One federal legislative office, seven state offices, two state legislative offices, and six county offices will appear on the Republican primary ballot next Tuesday June 3. (See sample ballot page A8). In addition, municipal option (wet/dry) referenda will be held in Oneonta and Blountsville (only), with voting on a separate standalone ballot in each town. Both towns will use virtually […]

‘It’s our time’

June 3 isn’t just another election day to the members of the pro-alcohol group, A Better Oneonta. It’s the first day of progress. “We need renewable revenue badly,” said member Richard Phillips. “Alcohol sales can generate funds by taxing and keeping the revenue on a substance already present in Oneonta. Since 2007, both Limestone Springs and Heritage Golf have generated […]

‘We’ve already won’

“We’ve already won, regardless of the election,” said Keep Blount County Special spokesman Larry Gipson. “We’ve stood on our convictions. You always win when you do that. It’s often said ‘if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.’ We’ve stood for what’s right.” That was his answer to the question “How do you think the referendum is shaping […]

FEMA Center to close Saturday

Blount County EMA director Don Roybal confirmed the FEMA Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) will close on Saturday at 6 p.m. Until then, the center will be open every day from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. at the Oneonta Depot. “If someone isn’t able to make that deadline, they still have the opportunity to register until midnight on July 1,” Roybal […]

Cemetery says thank you

It is with a happy heart that all of us on the Blount Memory Cemetery Beautification Committee and cemetery owner Greg Long, would like to say Thank you” to everyone who visited the cemetery on our scheduled Decoration weekend. The weather was not the best, but that did not stop people from visiting. The cemetery looks beautiful, and the positive […]

What about industry?

I know people on both sides of the wet/dry issue are passionate about the future of Blount County, but I would like to address the comment, “Every day, people cross the county line to purchase alcohol.” Although this statement is true, each day 10 times that number cross the county line to find a good paying job. The problem is […]

No on June 3

When you vote on June 3, stop and think what you are voting for. Alcohol is responsible for most of the homeless people being on the streets, people in prison, broken homes, drunk drivers hurting or killing someone, and it does more harm than cigarettes. I had a family member who was very smart, nice, had a good job, a […]

Oil change

Our quaint city is home to almost 7,000 people. We enjoy Friday football, summers at the pool and weekend family time. This was my grandparent’s home, my parent’s home, and my home. Each person, going to and from work and school make up the moving parts of Oneonta. It’s businesses and employees grease the gears that make us run and […]