Blount County’s EMA dates back to the Cold War

As Blount County Emergency Management director Max Armstrong retires after 22 years, Don Roybal prepares to take his place. With this recent change, the future of EMA has become an important topic. However, what is just as interesting is where the EMA began. In the 1950s, during the time of the Cold War, areas throughout the United States were preparing […]

Home projects perfect for spring

The rejuvenating spirit of spring makes this beloved season an ideal time for homeowners to take stock of their homes and properties and address any issues that arose during the winter. While some homes make it through winter unscathed, the harsh weather of the year’s coldest season can add several tasks to homeowners’ springtime todo lists. While some projects are […]

Landscaping mistakes to avoid

When designing their landscapes, homeowners may envision grandiose gardens and lush lawns that are the envy of the neighborhood. But such designs can be difficult to maintain, and homeowners often find they are not worth the time or money. Avoiding such costly mistakes allows homeowners to fully enjoy their lawns. The following are a few landscaping mistakes homeowners may want […]

Improve your home and diet with a vegetable garden

Planting a garden can add aesthetic appeal and functionality to a property. Vegetable gardens can transform landscapes while putting healthy and homegrown food on the table. By growing their own fruits and vegetables, homeowners have total control over what foods can be harvested, and they can ensure sustainable, safe practices are used to care for the plants. Vegetable gardens can […]

These animals may help your garden

Planning and maintaining a garden requires a lot of effort, which can result in an aesthetically pleasing addition to the landscape. But that hard work can also fall victim to nature when local wildlife find a garden too mouth-watering to resist. In an effort to rid a garden of unwanted pests, gardeners may unwittingly scare away animals and insects that […]

How to cut costs on your home improvement project

Over the last several decades, more and more homeowners have embraced the notion that homes need not all be alike, and that an individual’s home can cater to his or her personal tastes and needs. The trend of modeling a home after one’s own tastes has extended beyond choosing furniture or other replaceable elements to structural changes and fullscale renovations, […]

Recognizing termite damage

Home ownership can be an unending series of adventures, especially for those homeowners who love good home improvement projects. Some projects are fun and improve the value of a home instantly, while others are undertaken to address a potentially serious issue. Discovering that termites are taking up residence where you live can be disconcerting, but termites are a very common […]

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