Here we go again

Ah, the joy of car lines! Almost 10,000 students (approximately 1464 for Oneonta, 8186 for Blount County) started the school year Monday. As usual, there were long lines – like those pictured at Susan Moore (left) and Oneonta (above) – but both systems were happy to report no major problems for the first day of school. – Rob Rice

Oneonta grant-projects total more than $850,000

The Oneonta City Council approved actions on two grants adding over $850,000 in stimulus to the area. The larger ($450,000) of the two will permit the city’s utilities board to make a further improvement/ expansion. The slightly smaller second (a bit over $425,000) continues work at the municipal airport. Funding for the larger partially matched sewer grant comes through the […]

Work session guests request 2013-14 funding


Most of the guests at the county commission’s Aug. 8 work session had one thing on their mind: money. Four of the five who spoke were requesting money or paving the way to ask for it in later correspondence. Petitioners included District Judge Sherry Burns, requesting funding support, orally and by letter, for the Blount County Juvenile Probation Office; and […]

School bus systems on solid ground here


Cutting to the chase, heads of school bus operations for both county school systems confirmed that bus operations are in no danger of being curtailed in Blount County or in Oneonta, as is currently being debated in the Hoover school system. Here’s what they said: Eddie Phillips, supervisor – maintenance and transportation for the Blount County system: “Mr. (Supt. Jim) […]

Wakeup song

The ad hoc ‘Blount County Boys’ (not their official name – they don’t have one) enlivened an already lively crowd to a standing ovation at the Blount County Gospel Choir concert Sunday with a charismatic rendition of ‘When Morning Sweeps the Eastern Sky.’ From left, Benny Green (bass), Chris Green (tenor), Scott Rogers (high alto), and Jimmy Stewart (lead). John […]

Olympic athlete trains local swimmers

Blountsville offering amnesty program

For the month of September, and possibly October, the town of Blountsville will be offering an amnesty program to those in need of paying their fines and clearing outstanding warrants. “We’re giving people with outstanding warrants the opportunity to pay their fines so they won’t be arrested, they can save money, and get their name cleared in the process,” said […]

Project funding announced during CAWACO meeting

During the quarterly CAWACO meeting last Wednesday, the Blount County Commission, the CAWACO Resource Conservation and Development Council, Rep. David Standridge, and Sen. Scott Beason announced the funding of three Blount County-based projects – training equipment for the Oneonta Police Department, up-to-date equipment for Project Lifesaver, and preserving genealogical information for the Blount County Memorial Museum. The Oneonta Police Department […]


Tuscaloosa, a political hotbed

We Southerners can lay claim to a rich political legacy. We have enjoyed the most colorful characters in U.S. political history. Our annals are filled with the likes of Huey Long, Theodore Bilbo, Herman and Gene Talmadge, Strom Thurmond and our own Alabama legends, Big Jim Folsom and George Wallace. A very ironic, interesting, and inexplicable occurrence surfaces when you […]

County commission will hold evening work session Aug. 29

The Blount County Commission announced last week it will hold a work session Thursday, Aug. 29, at 6:30 p.m. in the commission boardroom at the courthouse. No reason or subject to be addressed was mentioned in the announcement. The Blount Countian contacted commissioners Allen Armstrong (District 1) and Dean Calvert (District 3) to inquire as to the purpose for holding […]